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Twins players yuk it up

April 10, 2015

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From today’s StarTrib: “The guys were kind of joking about it, believe it or not, after being down 22-0 [for the series].” – Twins manager Paul Molitor.

Yeah, I can sure see the humor in that! Good for you, Paul. Publicly humiliate one of your players (Aaron Hicks) in a spring game by pulling him in the middle of an inning for making a mistake and let your players laugh about being pathetic.

Yes, I know it’s only three games and yes, I know we have 159 more. I understand patience – I’m a Twins fan, how could I not? But what I don’t understand is the level of play we’ve seen in those first three games. On every level our play has been pathetic and I don’t see anything to indicate that our play will get better as the weeks roll along, especially when the players and manager think being down 22-0 in a three-game series is something to joke about. (When I plunk down ~$30.00 for a ticket to a game I wonder if I’ll be in on the laughs?) Ervin Santana gone, Ricky Nolasco likely gone, what’s going to happen in the Twins clubhouse or front office in the next week(s) that’s going to move this team up to around even a .400 level?

Oh, but wait, harks the herald from Twins Territory. We have Buxton, we have Sano, we have Berrios, we have Meyer, Gordon, Stewart, May, Polanco, Duffy… We have, we have, we have… We’ve been hearing this pie in the sky message for two years (three?) now and even the thought of all these potential Hall of Famers down in the minors just waiting for their chance to trot out onto Target Field is about as exciting as the level of play we’ve seen from the Twins in the first 27 innings of 2015.

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