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Minnesota Twins: Getting Back to Business as Usual

April 9, 2015

Minnesota Twins TV announcer Dick Bremer said before the start of this afternoon’s broadcast that, “… it’s only been two games” and then he commented on how fans get upset too quickly.

My thoughts on Dick Bremer aren’t important, but what I think he forgets, and what is important, is that over the last four years the Twins have put up a 265-383 record which translates to a .408 winning percentage in 648 games. That means the team has lost six out of every 10 games for the last four years.

Fans see that the Twins franchise has done nothing – absolutely nothing – to field a better team in 2015, and I’m not saying a winning team, just a better team, and I define “better” as being able to compete against other teams and keep a game interesting into the sixth inning. So when the Twins have an uneventful Spring Training, when their ‘star’ free agent pitcher gets busted for drugs, when the team gets off to an 0-2 start, when they demonstrate no pitching, no offense and no spark in those two games, and the fans and sportswriters say something about it, it’s not an overreaction by the fans or the media as Mr. Bremer would believe, it’s frustration from watching 650 games of poor quality baseball with no reason to think that games 651 through 811 will be any different and not just more of the same.

The Twins need to be a little less arrogant in thinking that just because it’s “baseball” that fans will care about the local team, or that simply adding a few new food choices to the menu options at Target Field will be enough to get fans out to the park regardless of the quality of play on the field.

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