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The 2015 Minnesota Twins

March 18, 2015

The Twins spent $66.7 million this past off-season in free agent signings. They extended Phil Hughes which adds another $42 million. This brings the total spent on pitching to $108.7 million. For a team that’s been notoriously stingy this is encouraging.

Despite that great news I can’t help but pick the Twins to finish with about 65 wins in 2015. I’d like to be optimistic but despite working on the pitching, we have a manager who’s never managed a single game in the major leagues and our outfield – the worst outfield in MLB in 2014 – is, with the addition of Torii Hunter and no center fielder and an untested left fielder – worse.

I’d like to be excited about the season. You can’t turn your head in this town without hearing about all the great Twins prospects just waiting in the wings, but until they actually start playing and producing I can’t think of anything about the 2015 Minnesota Twins to be excited about.

Maybe fans can get excited about tequila and tacos at Barrio, the Latin bar/restaurant at Target Field, that’ll be opening for 2015.

Anyone out there still remember when you went to a baseball game to actually watch a baseball game and you’d sit in your seat and eat some peanuts?

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