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Microfiction Madness: The Homework Assignment

February 27, 2015

From Anita Stewart of the Microfiction Madness Facebook group comes this prompt:

As suggested by Lance Lyle, a new prompt.
Write a 100 word or less story about this theme: People I want to punch in the face (the sentiment must be in the story, but actual fisticuffs is up to you). And here’s the catch- The story MUST BE written in either the sci-fi genre, mystery genre, or the romance genre, and MUST include the word, haberdashery.

The Homework Assignment

“Why the long face, Paul?”

“English homework: write a story using the word ‘haberdashery’.”

“That’s the teacher you’re secretly in love with?”

“That’s her.”

“Have you told her?”


“Are you going to tell her?”

“You know me, what d’ya think?”

“I think it’s another case of unrequited love for Poor Paul. Hardy has beer.”


“Hardy has beer. It’s an anagram of haberdashery.”

“Sometimes I’d like to smack you right in the face, you know that?”

“Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just trying to help.”

“Sometimes I don’t know why I talk to you.”

“Another mystery, huh?”


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