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Microfiction Madness: Buried Alive

February 18, 2015

From Anita Stewart of the Microfiction Madness Facebook group comes this prompt:

After yesterday’s massive storm and snowfall, there’s only one prompt that comes to mind – Write a 100 word or less story or poem about the theme “buried alive.”

Buried Alive
I found that being buried alive isn’t as bad as it sounds. It was unpleasant at first. The darkness and the inability to move my arms and legs were frightening and uncomfortable, but thankfully that unpleasantness didn’t take long to resolve – 30 minutes maybe? – and when my last breath floated away my fear vanished as well.

I felt pretty good; or as good as one can feel being dead.

I wasn’t fully “awake” during the transition so my memory is a little fuzzy around those edges but I can tell you my new taste for human blood is absolutely delightful.

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