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What a Wonderful World This Could Be

December 22, 2014

I expose myself to too much news and as a result I’m jaded and less the person I’d like to be in the world. But fortunately a person’s soul is stronger than his environment and every once in a while the clouds part and I forget about the crap that gets reported on the news and I don’t hear the garbage that falls out of the politician’s mouths blasting so loudly. On those days the sky’s a little brighter and the negativity, greed and hate in the world feels a little less oppressive.

Sometimes I think about how, short of unplugging from the news entirely, I can have all the days be brighter and bluer. While I’m not at a place at this point in time where I’m going to turn to religion for the answer, I can’t help but lean a little bit on a religious thought from the Tanakh, or Jewish scripture.

Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t seek revenge. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Three steps seem to be a pretty simple recipe for a peaceful and happy world.

I say three steps but really it’s only one. Take a moment to think about the compassion you have for the people in your lives you know and love and then simply extend those same thoughts and feelings to people you don’t know. No, it’s not easy but the good stuff never is easy.

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  1. December 22, 2014 11:34 am

    That is a beautiful video, I especially liked the Grandpa Elliot’ singing on his street corner. But did you notice how choreographed and rhythmic the African children’s dancing was compared to the American children’s choir that couldn’t even sway in the same direction? (This is my evil side coming out to play.)


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