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Sons of Anarchy Finale

December 11, 2014

Two thoughts on the Sons of Anarchy series finale (without picking apart the show’s various plot lines [except for last season’s school shooting storyline which was exploitative, meaningless and irresponsible] or unanswered questions):

1) I can handle religious symbolism, I can’t handle getting hit over the head with religious symbolism.

2) If the police in Charming, California were even marginally competent, Sons of Anarchy would have ended in one season.

Adios to a repulsive show that demanded me to suspend disbelief way too often.

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  1. Sherece permalink
    December 13, 2014 5:16 am

    Even though many of the plots and twists were far fetched, SOA stirred up more emotion in me than any other tv show drama — ever. Sutter’s writing and the cast’s acting talent were off the charts amazing. Viewers often commented on how it felt like we knew these characters. For an hour or two every Tuesday, I felt like I was a witness to the biker lifestyle filled with drugs, guns, murder and mayhem. And that made me a little bit of a badass. At least on Tuesdays while watching FX with my fluffy white dog next to me while snacking on microwave popcorn in my husker jammies. 🙂 I think for the next several weeks, I may use that Tuesday timeslot to watch an episode every week starting with episode 1 of season one. I’m just not ready to give it all up yet. Re-watching may be the therapy is needed to complete the grieving process because I’m just not ready for the show to end, ~heavy sigh~


    • Michael B. Fishman permalink*
      December 27, 2014 7:53 am

      That’s a good point about being a witness to a lifestyle and the show stirring up a lot of emotions! Those first few seasons were really good, especially with the weaving storylines around what Clay and Gemma were doing and I liked when the club was battling other clubs or the neo-nazis and I’ll never forget that scene in prison when Opie was killed 😦 or how Clay used him 😦 :(, but the last two seasons, or maybe starting when the Damon Pope character was introduced, for me were pretty bad in the sense that a lot of the times the stories were vulgar and over-the-top violent for no real reason. It *is* a hard show to forget but I’m not sure I would go back and rewatch them.


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