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Survivor San Juan del Sur: Is It Almost Over?

November 6, 2014

I’ve been less-than-thrilled with certain seasons of Survivor but this season has been the worst. We’re at the merge and there still isn’t one player who stands out for me and a season of Survivor without a player I can love, or a player I can love to hate, is large type, bolded font, capital B, Boring.

Adding fuel to my non-existent fire is last night’s episode. One word: Julie. I get that people quit Survivor, but when they do quit they game they usually have a reason other than they don’t think the other players like them and they fear that they’re going to be voted out next. Seriously, the exchange between Julie and Probst last night was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen on Survivor. And while I’ve always wondered if the show isn’t really scripted to create an atmosphere of drama, Julie’s comments did nothing to lead me to believe that there’s a thesaurus anywhere in the world that has “Survivor TV show” connected to “reality”. If Julie really wanted to walk away from the game because she didn’t have what it takes to play the game – or worse, be away from her boyfriend for a couple of weeks – then why not go to the tribe and tell them she’s done, she doesn’t want to play anymore, and ask them to vote her out next? Sure, that might not have worked, but it probably would have. It just would have required some passion, concern, responsibility and respect for the game which apparently are four qualities that Julie lacks. No, this solution allows the show to extend on for one more week and I have a difficult time believing it wasn’t, at some level, by design.

Who would have ever thought that there’d come a day when I’d actually feel sorry for John Rocker?

At this point, with only 11 players left, I’m not invested in anyone and I couldn’t care less who wins. I have zero interest in the season. This is what happens when players are recruited, for whatever reason the producers think, to play the game. You recruit players and you risk ending up with players who have no interest in the game and who have no investment in the game. And the end result is a wasted hour of time every Wednesday night, a result that really pales in comparison to watching, week-by-week, the greatest reality show become irrelevant television.

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