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The Minnesota Twins: Adventures in Awkwardness

July 31, 2014

I think if you took a guy – any guy you want – and put him in a Twins uniform and put a bat in his hands and you sent him up to the plate and have him face away from the pitcher, I think that guy would probably provide as much offensive production as third baseman Trevor Plouffe.

I officially clocked out last night in the bottom of the 4th inning when Brian Dozier, with only one out and the Twins up by one, was thrown out at home plate by about 89.5 feet after trying to advance on a missed catch by the Kansas City third baseman after he and Josh Willingham executed a successful double steal. Do we not have a third-base coach anymore? Or players who know where the ball is before they start running somewhere? Or a manager? Or am I supposed to just be happy when I see that Twins baserunners are running in the right direction?

To end the story on a happy note the Twins did make a decent trade with Oakland by getting rid of Sam “Watch Me Dive For That Ball Because I’m Not Fast Enough To Get Under It And Catch It Like Other Outfielders” Fuld for a left-handed pitcher who has potential. Let’s just hope they keep the new guy away from the coaching staff.

Oh, Trevor Plouffe, I almost forgot. He went on to strike out to end the fourth inning; the second of four hitless at-bats in a night where he wouldn’t get the ball past the infield. Again.

And Brian Dozier, how can I forget. After the game on his blunder: “I tried to make an aggressive play.” I tried to make an aggressive play. Now that right there is the definition of lipstick on a pig.

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