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Stonyfield Yogurt

June 16, 2014

At the grocery store this weekend I found a yogurt I’d never seen before. It’s not a Greek yogurt, which means it might be illegal in the United States, or at least Minnesota, but if you’re a dairy-darer** and are willing to gamble against discovery (and possible banishment from the dairy aisle) by the Greek Yogurt Council of America, you might want to check it out because it was really good. The stuff is from Stonyfield Organic and it’s called Chocolate Underground.

I’ve never had chocolate yogurt before and I really liked this stuff. And it’s a fairly healthy way to satisfy a chocolate craving. It has 170 calories, which is a little high because of the 34 grams of sugar, but balance that against zero fat and, more importantly, zero saturated fat. The protein isn’t as high as would be nice (seven grams) but that can be balanced against the fact that it’s all organic and is packed with six active cultures of bacteria making it a pretty potent probiotic.

The consistency was much thinner than Greek yogurt but on a par with what you’d expect from regular yogurt and the taste was really good and very chocolaty.

I don’t know what your dietary restrictions/limits/choices might be, but if sugar isn’t a overly huge concern and you really feel the need for some chocolate then this is a good choice and well worth trying. It was on sale at my store for $1.25 for the 6 ounce cup.

I’d like to see Stonyfield Organic lower the sugar content in Chocolate Underground a little and I think they could do that without sacrificing the flavor at all, or with having to add evil artificial sweeteners to compensate. But I’m not going to sit around and wait for that to happen and I’ll continue to buy the product again. I won’t eat it every day (again, because of the sugar), but I’ll continue to eat it once a week as a nice mid-day snack and potent chocolate crave satisfier.

** Not to be confused with a dairy-airer. We don’t want to talk about that subject because, to be honest, it really stinks.

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