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Book Review: The Seamstress

June 9, 2014

The Seamstress by Seren Tuvel Bernstein was a good book, and it’s one I would certainly recommend to anyone interested in reading about the Holocaust, but I can’t say it’s anything that’s going to stick with me for very long.

As much as I respect Seren Tuvel Bernstein – and while I have nothing but admiration for her strength and her courage – I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t very interested in the first part of the book that took place starting in 1929 and her reminiscences of her childhood and young adult years. While that doesn’t take away from the importance of her memoir or its historical significance, it wasn’t until her memoir reached November 1943 and she and her sister were arrested in Budapest that her story really picked up speed for me. Still, this is an interesting memoir and just because it fell a little flat for me is no reason for anyone interested in World War 2 or the Holocaust to pass it by.

Never forget. Thank you Ms. Tuval Bernstein for helping us remember that. May your memory always be for a blessing.

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