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The Dare (part two)

May 30, 2014

Part 1 is here

Part 2

Rick dropped the tray and stared. He would have lost his bladder if he’d had the time, but in that split-second instant when the brain sends a signal to the rest of the body that you’re shit-scared and it’s time to act, Lisa’s arm telescoped out from her elbow and pale pincer-like fingers locked onto his neck. With a subtle clockwise twist of her arm at the second hinge she pulled Rick’s head free from his body and held it up in the air raining blood down onto herself.

Karen Wilson screamed, Dave Tobas fainted and Rich Mendel, standing wide-eyed and feet frozen in place, did what Rick’s body didn’t have time to do. No one paid attention to the puddle of urine at Rich’s feet because everyone, with the exception of Dave Tobas, was fixated on the metal arm holding Rick’s severed head in the air.

Lisa tilted her head back and dropped Rick’s head into the twitching tentacles that surrounded her mouth. The twitchings picked up in speed and Rick’s skull was slowly reduced to a paste and eventually swallowed. Liquified brain matter thick with blood dripped over where Lisa’s chin used to be and onto the floor. She lowered her head and scanned the room, her blue eyes glowing with a fierceness that revealed nothing but evil.

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