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The Dare

May 27, 2014

While prowling around for online writing communities offering writing prompts I found this one, Today’s Author, right here on WordPress. Despite not thinking of myself as an “author”, I was still happy to find it.

At Today’s Author, our first goal is to get you (and us) to write. Write Now is our own collection of prompts to help you do that. With Write Now we’re not talking about writing, or trying to teach anyone how to write. Write Now is all about putting pen to paper.

With everyone watching her intently, she selected a vial and quickly drank it before she could second guess herself.

Well that was stupid, Lisa thought as she scanned the room, looking back at the dozens of eyes watching her. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done some stupid stuff before, especially at parties, but this might be the dumbest.

Lisa wasn’t particularly much of a risk-taker but she did like being the center of attention so when Rick approached her with the tray of vials and told her, in a voice just loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the room, to drink one, she grabbed it and despite the slight fluorescent glows, brought the vial to her mouth and drank.

The sensation wasn’t totally unpleasant. The first thing she noticed was sweetness on her tongue and the warmth as the liquid slid down her throat. Brandy, she thought. I’m not sure how they made it glow… I guess that’s what makes the “dare”. She smiled as the warmth spread across her chest and up into her head. Hmm, strong Brandy. Lisa raised her arm to set the empty vial back on the tray and found that her arm had changed into multi-hinged metal limb, shaped more like a tree branch than a human arm, with four suctioned grippers holding the vial that a moment ago was held in her fingers. Trying and unable to speak, she managed to look up at Rick and the others before the transformation was complete.

How to play along with our Writing Prompts

  1. Write in any format or style you wish: short story, poem, script – whatever you like.
  2. Write for at least 5 minutes. There is no time limit – write for as long as you wish!
  3. Editing is not required, though we do recommend that you run a spell check at least.
  4. Post your work to your blog and include a link back here so your readers can find other writer’s work, too.
  5. Come back here and provide a link to your work on the Write Now! prompt for which it was written.
  6. Read other authors’ posts and leave constructive comments.

Important Note: When you post a draft of your work online, it may be difficult to find a publisher who will accept it, as many see an online document as being previously published. It may also be ineligible to be submitted for certain writing competitions. Always check publisher’s and competition guidelines before using a draft you put online.

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