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Saturday’s Tree

May 24, 2014

I got a new camera and now that the weather here in Minneapolis has finally turned to the “Nice” end of the dial, I went out to take some pictures today. I think it’s an OK camera, I like the quality of the pictures, but unfortunately I’m not too crazy about how it feels or what I see through the viewfinder. Maybe I’ll move into it in time and be more comfortable with it?

I think this is an ash tree with little baby buds just starting to sprout. It’s not the greatest picture in the world but what I like about it is the bokeh effect. I like the darker greens and the reddish/orangish colors on the left side.

Saturday's Ash tree









Here’s another picture of the same tree but different branches. I like the mosaic effect of the background and also that lower branches behind the branches in focus are so blurred that they almost look like a ghost shadow of the branches in focus.

Saturday's Ash tree branches

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