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Weird Stuff

March 10, 2014

Between that family in Florida eating LSD-laced meat and the woman in California who was stung over 1,000 times by killer bees and lived and Bigfoot tracks being spotted up in Vancouver and the really freaky Malaysian plane apparently disintigrating in mid-air added to the frequently present thoughts of any number of secret society conspiracies you can lob my way, I’m thinking I may have picked the wrong time to start watcing Fringe because I’m getting a little paranoid. If I see a guy on the ground with a fused alternate-reality body, multiple arms and legs sticking out all over the place, and his own duplicate face staring up at him from his stomach, there’s a good chance I’ll start screaming like a child and running in wild circles and wind up locked in a room somewhere being fed countless does of Cortexiphan. So if should ever just disappear from here, while you’ll probably never be able to find me (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!), please remember to think of me every once in a while.

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