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K102 and the Morning Bilge

November 7, 2013

Another addition to the countless reasons I can’t stand listening to commercial radio came this morning after I stopped on one of the Twin Cities two Country music stations, K102. The male half of their “Wake Up Crew”, I think his name is Muss(?), is ranting on the fact that George Strait won the Country Music Association award for Best Entertainer of the Year and he wasn’t happy about it. So, in typical shock jock fashion, he had to try and make us all unhappy along with him. Anything in the name of entertainment I guess. So Muss(?) takes a caller who just happened to share his outrage and he agrees that Strait doesn’t deserve the award because, ‘he just stands there and plays the guitar and sings.’ Hmmm. I guess if there aren’t any pyrotechnics and smoke and a two dozen dancers filling up the stage while the singer swings over the crowd and drops rose petals it’s just not entertaining anymore. You know, it’s odd, but I was never a fan of ex-Minnesota Orchestra conductor Osmo Vanska because he pretty much just stood there and waved his arms while holding a stick and I guess now I know why, but that’s another topic. On the positive side, if there’s one to be found for commercial radio, at least traffic during my morning commute didn’t feel so annoying for those 90 seconds.

Here’s a video from a guy who just stands there and plays the guitar and sings. A real Country song from an old school singer, and one you probably won’t hear much on K102 anytime soon. At least not in the morning. Or at least until he comes back through town and the station “presents” him.


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