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Do You Like Fall?

October 4, 2013

Do You Like Fall?

Autumn Gourds

I like autum, yes I do.
I like autumn, what about you?

Yes, I especially like the year’s third quarter.
Because I like the days when they start to get shorter.

So you don’t believe me and you think I’m quite strange
but I like when the leaves begin to color and change.

And speaking of leaves, I just have to say
ain’t much tops a walk on crisp autumn day.

Many doubt my sincerity and think I’m just teasing
but when the humidity leaves I find it quite pleasing.

Others question my fondness with multiple queries
I tell them another reason is I like the World Series.

“But the weather,” they moan. “With of all that raining?”
“So what,” I reply. “What’s the use in complaining?”

“It’s nature,” I continue. “It’ll rain, it’ll shine.
And I’d rather accept it than sit back and whine.

I’d rather go walking and step through wet leaves
and I’d rather wear shirts with long comfy sleeves

and I’d rather the rain makes the walking paths wet
then hide from the sun and soak in my sweat

and I like when the sun sets at a sensible time.”
And they look at me like I just committed a crime.

So I shrug and I wait for them to stop their critique
and come to the realization that we’re all of us unique.

If they don’t, I don’t care, it’s no skin off my nose,
I just start inwardly composing some couplets or prose.

And that’s how it started, this long rhyming sprawl
after somebody asked me, “Do you like Fall?”

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  1. Beth permalink
    October 31, 2013 3:16 pm

    I love fall! And you’ve inspired me to rhyme a bit. I’ll tag you. :O)


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