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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

May 13, 2013

The theme for this week’s WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Pattern.

Self disclosure, I like patterns. Maybe I’ll write about that one day.

The photo challenge is simple:
In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means PATTERN to you!

It was chance, kismet if you will, that brought this photo challenge to me last Friday because just last Thursday I opened up a container of Fage strawberry yogurt to find not only a pattern, but one of the oddest patterns I’ve ever seen in food. It was so odd that I took a picture of it to blog about at some point and then a day later there was an e-mail letting me know about the challenge.

Coincidence? Or as John Wayne in The Sons of Katie Elder might say, “Isn’t that a little coincidental?” Maybe. You decide.

So the yogurt. I open up the Black Cherry yogurt and sometimes yogurt doesn’t look too appetizing when you first pull the cover off. Sometimes it’s all watery and other times it looks like it might be curdled and it’s not until you get it all stirred up good that it starts looking like anything you want to eat. But this container wasn’t like that at all. Nothing was watery and nothing was curdled and nothing looked like it needed to be looked at closer for impurities or anything like that. And the reason for that was because arrayed in a fan pattern along the edge of the yogurt were seven lovely little yogurt breasts. And I’m not talking little bumps or mounds in the yogurt that made me think of breasts, but actual small breasts with nipples.

Check it out:

Fage Strawberry Yogurt with pattern of breasts.

Fage Strawberry Yogurt with pattern of breasts.

 That’s it. That’s my pattern. Thanks for reading.

If you’re a picture-taker and want to respond to the prompt just go to the WordPress Daily Post website which is right here and enter the link to your blog. Or feel free to post your link in the comments below.

Here’s the theme from The Sons of Katie Elder which, if you’re interested, scores 5 Fishies on Michaelsfishbowl! They don’t much make ’em like this anymore, movies or movie scores.

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