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Got Shpilkes?

January 17, 2013

Do you ever have mornings where you’re antsy for no apparent reason and you stumble around trying to burn that energy off before you start feeling anxious? Maybe a weekend afternoon when you just can’t sit on the couch and concentrate on your book? Sometimes I do and sometimes music helps to burn that energy off and when it’s one of those days when music helps, this is a great piece of music to listen to. I can’t give you a guarantee, but you listen to this piece of music here and I have a pretty good feeling, yes, a preeetttty good feeling that you’re going to start feeling better quickly.

Now don’t worry that it starts a little slowly. It’s not a long piece and it builds quickly and by that second bugle call at around 3:20 you’ll start to feel the electricity crackle in your out extremities and continue to build until you hear those cymbals come in around 6:40. From them on, hold onto your hat for a roller coaster ride of a fantasy until the ending that will have you playing air cymbals with the passion of the world’s greatest Classical percussionists and leave you… breathless.

I’d also like to point out that the instrumentation for this piece also features the frequently ignored, often underappreciated and much-maligned mainstay of the percussion section: the triangle.

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