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Dear Abby

September 4, 2012

Dear Abby,

I’ll get right to the point. We recently hired this new guy at work and he talks to himself. And not the reassuring kind of talk that we all do from time to time while we’re in the middle of a task, but real talking. With answering. Conversation. And it goes on all the time. All. The. Time. And I have to say it’s a little weird and distracting because I hear him talking and I think he’s talking to me so I look over only to see him hard at work jabbering to himself. I give him the benefit of the doubt and figure it’s no different than thinking, only doing it out loud, or maybe it’s some type of anxiety reducing method for him, but jeez, Dear Abby, it sure is strange, or, to use a word I recently learned: barmy. I’m not sure if I should say anything to him, maybe something like, “You know, I can hear you talk to yourself all the way over here so shut up, will ‘ya!” or just let it slide. Thanks for taking my letter.

Simply Stupefied


Here’s John Prine, one of the best songwriters of our time.

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  1. September 4, 2012 2:14 pm

    Did you check to see if he has a bluetooth? He coudl be talking to someone…..

    Write on!


    • September 4, 2012 4:55 pm

      I talk to myself all the time, but only when I am alone. My dog is a very good listener. While I was reading this I knew I HAD to send you this song. Beat me to it Dude.


  2. September 4, 2012 8:19 pm

    Howdy Michael!

    Like Mo, I talk to myself all the time too, but normally when I’m alone. Although I have been known to talk to the radio every once in awhile (it doesn’t answer me).

    I had a female employee who did this and it drove another female employee nuts. I had to tell the first one about it. Turns out she had no idea she was even doing it! So maybe say something to this fella because he may not even be aware of it.

    Good luck!


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