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Take My Advice

August 23, 2012

Plinky asks: If you had to give up one vice, what would it be?

I've already given up just about all of my vices but if I had to give up one vice now it would probably be ADvice. Advice is easy to give but if someone hasn't asked for it it's a pretty safe bet they don't want it. And taking advice – how many times have you appreciated and used unsolicited advice?

So that's it. I don't know how you feel about this, but if you want my advice…

Alice sings about taking advice from Wonderland. If you want my advice, I'd say click the link below and go watch it.

"Please take my advice. Open up the tired eyes." Neil Young

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  1. August 23, 2012 5:28 pm

    Oh, the une unsolicited advice. We all get it, many give it and it is so often not appreciated.

    Write on!


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