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Thai This Feelgood Story on For Size

November 22, 2011

I’m not familiar with Thai food but I did like a story that recently ran on the local CBS news affiliate about a woman who owned a Thai restaurant inMinneapolisandSt. Paul.

Ketsana Subanphim owned and operated two Thai restaurants inMinneapolisandSt. Paul. In 2007 she closed her restaurants for personal reasons and went to work at a Burger King restaurant to support herself and her son. One day her manager at Burger King called his church counselor asking him for help for Ketsana. The counselor met with Ketsana and was so moved by her and her story that he eventually emailed three of his friends and shared his thoughts about Ketsana and his desire to help her get her life back. None of the four friends knew anything about the restaurant business, or had even tasted her food, yet between them they came up with $130,000 for Ketsana to reopen her restaurant in a new location in aMinneapolissuburb. Business is good and customers who remember eating Ketsana’s food over ten years ago in herMinneapolisandSt. Paulrestaurants are making the drive to her new suburban location to eat her food again.

A happy story always has a happy ending and this one is no different. The four investors plan to take the money they get back from the restaurant and use it to help someone else.


If that wasn’t enough to make you smile then maybe this will.


Nat King Cole or Judy Garland. It’s difficult to pick a favorite version (sorry Michael Jackson fans) of this song.


Finally, one of the greatest voices to ever sing a song (not very much unlike my own!)

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  1. November 25, 2011 6:18 pm

    Great story!


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