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“Because We Love You”

November 3, 2011

Unless one is overly focused on Dancing with the Stars, Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashian/Humphries divorce, everyone has probably heard of the Occupy movement by now. The Occupy Oakland movement has certainly been making headlines lately, and maybe people in your own town have organized an Occupy movement. Here inMinneapolis, the occupation is nearing the end of the first month which I think is amazing considering the living conditions and the weather they’re enduring. Prople are gathering on the public plaza outside of the building I work in so it’s easy for me to go and watch what’s going on. I don’t hold a sign or anything like that but I do watch and I think about how lucky I am to have a job and a home, to have enough food, a car and insurance and then I feel sad because in this country no one shouldn’t have to worry about having a job, a home, food, and insurance and then I get scared because I realize how quickly I could lose all of that. I support them because I’m one of the 99%.

With the occupation a month old, the reason I even think about this now is because yesterday afternoon I saw a young woman on the plaza holding a sign that read: “We Occupy Because We Love You”. Regardless of where you sit on the issue, her sentiment was positive and I not only liked that, but I appreciated it. We don’t have to look very far nowadays to find negative news and cynicism and anger and arrogance and outright hostility and it was nice to see something positive right there in front of me. It was nice to see someone doing something out of love. For or against the Occupy movement, everyone needs something positive in their lives. Everyone needs love.

It’s difficult to find positive things in today’s world, especially when it comes to politics. The rhetoric by people on both sides annoys me. Conservatives are ‘unfeeling’. Progressives are ‘socialists’. No, Conservatives and Progressives are just people with different ideas. Different ideas are good and I believe people, by nature, are good. It’s the unfair labels that are created by some that are bad. They’re created and used to keep all of us separate, apart, distant and angry, and unfortunately it works. Without getting too political here, I’ll just say that what I want – all I want, regardless of the issue – is for whatever is best for people. That doesn’t mean government handouts to sit and watch Dr. Phil all day, but it does mean assistance for whatever might be necessary to help someone obtain the education and skills necessary to become self-sustaining. In my heart, I believe that altruism is one of the few goals worth truly pursuing, and sadly, since Paul Wellstone died, and in this day and age of politicians avoiding facts and smear tactic campaigns, I don’t believe there are any politicians who are altruistic. Regardless of the letter after their name, I think their only goal is personal financial gain.

Back to the Occupy movement, I’d like to share  this article from Josh Brown, a financial advisor inNew York City, where he tells Wall Street why people are angry. It’s not a long article and it’s a good read if you have a couple of minutes.

Says Mr. Brown: “We bailed out Wall Street to avoid Depression, but three years later, millions of Americans are in a living hell. This is why they’re enraged, this why they’re assembling, this is why they hate you. Why for the first time in 50 years, the people are coming out in the streets and they’re saying, “Enough.”

What are your thoughts about the Occupy movement or all the political negativity or the Kardashian wedding?

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  1. Sherece permalink
    November 4, 2011 6:23 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post, Michael! I’m almost embarassed to say that I know more about the Kardashians than I do about this Occupy movement. Your msg has challenged me to research, though. I’ll go read up on it and maybe come back and post again. I mean, I know that they are protesting and why they say they are, but I still am not quite sure what they hope to accomplish or what will have to happen for the protesting to end…


    • Michael Fishman permalink
      November 5, 2011 7:12 am

      I think the Occupy movement is interesting but I’m with you when it comes to not knowing what they hope to accomplish. It’s one thing to point out a problem, but I think if you do that you need to have a solution.


  2. November 8, 2011 10:44 am

    Ugh, I hate to say it but I’m more knowledgeable about the Kardashians than the Occupy movement, too. You know how my brain works and it typically doesn’t go too deep on issues. LOL But yes, what is the ultimate goal of the movement? I support what they are saying but not sure what they can change.


    • Michael Fishman permalink
      November 8, 2011 11:15 am

      Here’s a guy that explains the whole Occupy movement pretty good. Warning though: the dialogue isn’t safe for work.

      I don’t know if he really makes sense, but his accent is cool!



  1. “Greed Isn’t Good: Wealth Could Make People Unethical” « Michaelsfishbowl

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