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It’s World Series Time!

October 19, 2011

It’s World Series time! The St. Louis Cardinals host the Detroit Tigers tonight in something like the 106th Fall Classic with first pitch scheduled for 7:05 p.m.

Minnesota isn’t much of a baseball town if the Twins aren’t in contention. It seems local sports fans would rather grumble about the Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves than watch Twins-less baseball which I think is unfortunate because baseball is such a great game. Oh well. If people don’t get baseball, they don’t get baseball. Yeah, I’d like the Twins to be real contenders one day, but until that happens – and I’ve learned since 1991 not to hold my breath – I’ll settle for watching the other teams play. So for me, the World Series is one of the highlights of the year right after the first day of Spring Training and Opening Day.

Despite being a baseball fan, I’m no bellweather when it comes to picking winners. I’ve never been a fan of Tony La Russa going back to his time with the White Sox and I can’t stand to see Mark McGwire in a MLB uniform, but I’m picking the Cardinals to win in 7 games. My baseball belief is that good pitching will always beat good hitting, but both La Russa and Rangers manager Ron Washington (should that be Rangers’ manager?) change pitchers frequently so I don’t know if pitching matters anymore. I’m going with the team that has momentum and the Cardinals have been on a roll for the last month. So that’s my pick. I have a lousy record, so if you’re a gambler you might want to pick the opposite.

Interesting article here at the NY Times on ex-Twins outfielder Delmon Young. It’s always fashionable to gripe post-season, but I think Delmon’s comments (starting in the 11th paragraph) about hitting at Target Field are interesting. I haven’t seen a hitting or home run chart for Target Field, but if he’s right, maybe the Twins want to think about putting nine left handers in the line-up every home game if they want to generate any type offense at home.

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