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Another Reason to Love the Library

October 15, 2011

I went to a writing seminar today. It turned out to be a lot better than I thought it’d be so that was a nice surprise. The seminar was titled “Creative Writing for Book Lovers” and I was prepared for a lecture, but the instructor had us do some writing exercises/reading and I liked that. I’m not a public reader by any stretch of the imagination but the class was small and it was all right. My voice didn’t shake and no one laughed. There were about 12 of us there and we sat at small three-seater tables and the chairs (something I obsess about) were comfortable. Some guy came in and sat next to me which crimped my style a little bit, but whatever. I took away some useful information on developing ideas and characters and a new way of looking at characters. We’ll see what I do with everything.

The seminar was one of a series and is part of a collaboration between the Hennepin County Library and the Loft Literary Center and it’s been going on for about three years now. It’s a nice program, the instructors are professional and the free price can’t be beat. In this age of frightening budget cuts I hope program continues.

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