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Hey, StarTribune, where’s the Lynx coverage?

September 18, 2011

I’m not much of a basketball fan. College basketball can be fun, but as to the pros, I couldn’t tell you much more about the game other than it’s played with a ball and the players are tall. I’ll follow the home team Timberwolves just to know how they’re doing and that’s the extent of my interest. When it comes to women’s professional basketball, it’s no different.

I’m not a fan of the WNBA and I don’t follow the Minnesota Lynx, but I admit I’m feeling some excitement with the Minnesota Lynx in the playoffs and their being the team favored to win the championship. So, yeah, I’m a bandwagon jumper, and considering I’m not a basketball fan to begin with, I’m all right with that.

One of the first things a bandwagon jumper has to do is familiarize himself with his home team, so to prepare for this afternoon’s game two in San Antonio, I picked up this morning’s StarTribune looking for some Minnesota Lynx coverage and guess what? I can’t find anything. The front page is all football: Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota Vikings with something about the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. Page two: More Gophers. Page three: More Wild and boxing results. I’m flipping through the pages fast now, questioning whether or not I’m really even reading a Minnesota newspaper. I reach the end of section one and find no Lynx coverage. On to section two, the Outdoors section where I find all the baseball coverage. Why baseball coverage isn’t on page one is anyone’s guess but I’m not here for baseball this morning, I’m here for the Lynx. Finally, on page 18, the last page of the Sports section, sharing page space with NASCAR and Sprint Car racing and sleep apnea ads is the article – the one article – on the Minnesota Lynx.

Did I mention that local newspaper coverage for the team favored to win the WNBA championship was on the 18th page of an 18-page sports section?

I know sports fans are fickle folk and many are only interested in following a winning team – StubHub! selling Minnesota Twins tickets for $2.00 is proof of that – but here we have a winning team, a team that led its division and finished their season with a .794 winning percentage in a 37-game season and there’s no coverage until the last page of the Sports section? Who makes these editorial decisions and why are they making them?

It’s been 20 years since this state has had a championship sports team when the Minnesota Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves in the best World Series ever played and now here we are in 2011 with a professional basketball team on the brink of winning a championship and I have to go to page 18 of an 18-page Sports section in the state’s biggest newspaper to find an article about them.

To this bandwagon jumper that’s inexcusable.

Go Lynx!

For other bandwagon jumpers:

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