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Reading the Names – 9/11 Remembered

September 11, 2011

I’ve been switching back and forth this morning to C-SPAN and the 9/11 Remembered coverage because I’ve been sort of engrossed with the reading of the names of those who lost their lives 10 years ago today. As family members go up on the podium in pairs and alternate reading the names, it’s impossible not to feel everyone come alive for just that second as their names are read aloud and to feel a small connection to the readers as they briefly eulogize their loved ones.

Different genders, different colors, different races, different religions, different accents, different names, different styles of dress and there’s really not a damn thing that separates any of us or makes us different from each other. Nothing, that is, that we haven’t created ourselves. We need to start looking past those differences.

Bless those who lost their lives ten years ago and may their memories always be for a blessing. Bless too, the survivors and everyone who might read this.

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