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Book Review: Bad Things Happen

February 3, 2011

David Loogan is new in Ann Arbor. After writing a short story for a local mystery magazine he’s hired on as an editor for the magazine and it’s shortly after his hiring that dead bodies start stacking up around town.

Bad Things Happen is a fun read. Leaning more toward a cozy, I didn’t find the book to be as much a traditional mystery with bunches of clues and red herrings as a standard whodunit. Author Harry Dolan’s story is thick with plot and filled with rich and interesting characters and he keeps just enough of an aura of mystery around each of them to keep things lively. There aren’t a lot of clues dropped that gave me a feeling that I was solving the crimes as the story progressed and that was a little disappointing for me. Not that I’m ever accurate when I’m crime-solving, but it’s fun. And that isn’t a criticism of the book but just a comment.

I enjoyed Bad Things Happen enough to pick up Dolan’s second novel, and I and would recommend this book to any mystery/whodunit/cozy lover. And despite mentioning a cozy twice now, I’m not saying that Bad Things Happen is a cozy because it’s not, but some of the elements of the story did reminded me of a cozy.

I don’t want to get into any spoilers here but if anyone has read the book, I’d like your thoughts on the last three pages.

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