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Godfather’s Pizza Does Pizza… Wrong!

January 29, 2011

I went to the Godfather’s Pizza dinner buffet last night. In the past, Godfather’s Pizza has always had a good buffet; a lot of different pizza choices, breadsticks and dessert pizzas. Last night, despite the restaurant being about half full, the buffet was terrible. The variety was limited to thin crust pepperoni and thick crust sausage pizzas and a taco pizza. No breadsticks. At one point we waited for over 10 minutes with nothing on the buffet while the kitchen was getting pizzas ready. I understand they’re also filling orders for take-outs and deliveries, and for people who come in and order off the menu, and there’s only so much room in the pizza oven, but my thinking is if you can’t manage both regular orders and a buffet, don’t offer a buffet. If you’re going to offer a pizza buffet then you have an obligation to the customers to keep it stocked with food because there’s not much worse to a pizza lover than the promise of a bountiful pizza buffet stocked with enough varieties of pizza to cause shivers of anticipation only to be faced with an empty counter. On the plus side, the heat lamps were nice hand warmers.

I’m not a complainer in restaurants. If I’m unhappy with the food or the service I leave and don’t go back, but I’ve been told by different people that if I’m unhappy I should let the manager know so they have the chance to make improvements. Last night, after waiting for over 10 minutes with nothing on the buffet I complained. The woman I spoke with was nice and she was quick to reassure me that there were pizzas on the way out very shortly. She tried to be optimistic and offer hope when I asked her if they ever put out a non-meat pizza by pointing hopefully to the shriveled and lonely green pepper/mushroom pizza that had been pushed off to the back corner. When I told her that pizza has been sitting there since I walked in, over 30 minutes ago, she just shrugged. There was really nothing else she could do. I told her I was going to leave and I wanted my money refunded and she told me she’d go and check. She came back out about five minutes later and told me the Pizza Manager was too busy to come out (busy not making pizzas for the buffet, I thought) but she explained to me what he had said which, to me, was little more than an excuse for a store/franchise owner who doesn’t manage a pizza buffet well. She also explained that Godfather’s Pizza doesn’t offer refunds and she gave me a card for a free lunch or dinner buffet with beverage.

All in all it was a very disappointing experience and it made Cici’s Pizza Buffet look good in comparison. I’m not a fan of Cici’s, which gives you an idea of how bad Godfather’s Pizza buffet was last night, but Cici’s gets credit for knowing how to run a buffet.

I don’t plan on going back to Godfather’s Pizza to take advantage of the free buffet coupon, so if anyone reading this wants the coupon let me know and I’ll mail it to you. Since I anticipate a huge response to this offer, I’ll be using sophisticated high-tech software to pick an entry at random.

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  1. January 29, 2011 11:08 pm

    Bad service in a restaurant is a bummer. Going out should be enjoyable, not a pain in the ass. I would write a letter to their corporate headquarters and tell them about their great Manager. I always write complaint letters, it gives me some kind of sick satisfaction to bitch. Of course, I am probably bitching to someone who gives two shits about how their busines runs.

    The biggest problem with all of this is….pizza is MN? I’m from Chicago ys know. We are the only people on earth that know how to make pizza. And our buffets are always full.



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