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The Fountain Lady

January 21, 2011

Did you hear the one about the woman who walked into the mall fountain while she was texting on her cell phone?

No, there’s no punch line, it’s true.

Cathy Cruz Marrero of Reading, Pennsylvania, was texting while walking through the Berkshire Mall when she walked straight into the mall’s fountain and into an unexpected, and embarrassing, bath.

Marrero’s fall was caught on mall security cameras, and if you haven’t seen the plunge yet, here it is below. I watch the video with a bias because I don’t find much humor in people falling down (Three Stooges notwithstanding), so I think the video plays better with the sound muted.

Thankfully Marrero wasn’t hurt in her fall into the fountain. I can understand her embarrassment at having the mall security video posted on the internet for over 2 million people to watch, but now I’ve read she’s retained an attorney. A person doesn’t have to know that paying attention while walking is a good thing to do to know that hiring an attorney equals a lawsuit and I don’t understand that.

I’m not sure what Marrero is going to sue for. She commented during an interview on CBS’s The Early Show about the humiliation she’s suffered and while she acknowledges that, “Texting and walking, take it from me, is dangerous. It really is.”, she doesn’t think mall security handled the matter professionally by taking 20 minutes to send someone to check on her.

Despite being a fan of The Practice and LA Law (I could never get into Boston Legal. Sue me) I’m no lawyer so I don’t know if Marrero has a case or not, but I hope she doesn’t. We all – not me so much, but everyone else around me – do stupid things all the time, and while our blunders and belly flops aren’t always caught on camera and shown to 2.5 million people worldwide on the internet, I’d hate to think that we can sue other people for every stupid thing we find ourselves doing in life.

I hope Marrero is able to find the humor in her tumble and enjoy her celebrity as the media-dubbed “Fountain Lady” and eventually move past this without a law suit.

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