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100 Word Stories: Walkin’ After Midnight

January 18, 2011

Please feel free to play along. Just leave your 100-word story in the comment section.

This prompt comes from the highly acclaimed and world renowned Genre Shorties group.

The prompt:
You are lost in the fog. In 100 or fewer words, tell me what unexpected things you discover. Use one or more of the following words in your story:
slithery / pasta fazool / Casper / tombstone / armadillo

My Story:
January 17, 2011. My evening walk took a turn for the worse when the fog rolled in. An unusual fog tonight; thicker, meatier, more substance. I lost my bearings and felt panicky. My thoughts raced: Should I turn around? Keep walking? Stop and wait? My panic grew; my skin turned cool, my heart raced. My breaths shortened. I walked, one frightened foot in front of the other, walking slowly until I bumped into something solid. Thank God, I thought, a landmark. I reached out blindly as the fog cleared and there it was: my tombstone. Thomas Alard. October 7, 1583.

Your Story

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