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Opportunities Abound

January 8, 2011

For the hopeful writer, there are opportunities everywhere. All one need do to find a writing opportunity is to simply look in the right place.

Me, I’m debating trying my hand at writing greeting cards and I’ve been doing a little practicing (or practising in case I decide to try and enter the British market).

Sold with a brown envelope, this tan-colored greeting card displays the words, “For Your Successful Liberation” on the front of the card and the words are surrounded by pictures of sunflowers and the paper is decorated with yellow glitter and sparkles.

You open the card and on the left is a beautiful watercolor of apricots and on the right you find two verses of text:

You read:

You’ve sat for so long hoping for only salvation,
thinking “A few minutes more?”, you’ve increased your duration.
To your plight, I confess, you have my admiration,
And I wait for the call when you share your celebration.

When finally you call – the long awaited communication –
(please hold down the details of the olfactory sensation)
just tell me you’re happy and share your life’s reaffirmation
and I’ll say CONGRATULATIONS! on curing your constipation.

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