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Once more into the breach, dear friends

December 20, 2010

Once more into the breach, dear friends.

Minneapolis is gearing up for another winter storm. This will be the seventh winter storm of the season and, if predictions are correct, this storm could drop between 4” and 9” of new snow on the area. Another storm is moving in for Thursday night into Christmas Eve morning, but no one is talking about that one yet.

This is getting old!

This might also turn out to be the snowiest month of December in history.

Should be an interesting Monday Night Football game from Minnesota tonight. Players for both the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings don’t seem to want to play outside on the field at TCF Stadium.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is especially upset about having to play a football game outside in the cold. Kluwe took a break from playing World of Warcraft to complain on Twitter that the field is unplayable, the field is as hard as concrete and the NFL is hypocritical to worry about player safety and then allow the game to be played on this field. He was eventually asked to stop tweeting. I’m not sure why Kluwe cares so much since I always thought that punters spent 99.9% of the game on the sidelines huddled in a parka?

Chuck Forman played on many frozen fields for the Minnesota Vikings from 1973-1979. Foreman is in town for the Vikings’ 50-year anniversary celebration this weekend and he had a difference of opinion on playing outside on a frozen field.

You’ve got to learn to tough it up. That field will be perfect to play on. That’s the way the game has been played for years. These guys get spoiled. Go out there, embrace the weather, enjoy it. Just keep yourself warm. It’s all mental.”

I’ve never been a football player, but I tend to agree.

Whether the two teams decide to play a football game tonight or tiptoe around the field is anyone’s guess. Regardless, it should be fun to watch the snow fall over the game in between video footage of the Metrodome collapsing and crews cleaning up TCF Stadium and fans waiting in line for the general admission seating.

Fifty-eight days until Spring Training.

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  1. December 20, 2010 10:57 pm

    Isn’t football played in the winter usually? Winter = COLD.
    The Bears are whining here too, the ground is too cold…too hard. December = hard and cold ground. Next, we’ll be hearing the baseball leagues complaining that it is too HOT to play. Sorry, but I think these football guys are acting like a bunch of girls.




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