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Bit and Pieces

November 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Forty-seven years (and one day) ago, the 35th president of the United States was murdered in Dallas, Texas. John F. Kennedy was gunned down as his motorcade traveled through Dealey Plaza. Conspiracy theories abound and it pretty much all boils down to whether or not you believe the findings of the Warren Commission. If you do, you do; if you don’t, that’s where the fun starts.

Everyone alive back in 1963 probably remembers where they were on that day. I was in Miss Peterson’s third-grade classroom. I don’t remember exactly what we were told, but class was interrupted for the announcement and I remember we were sent home for the day. I also remember watching the funeral on television but the impact to me wasn’t the murder or the funeral itself, but a day off from school. I also remember Ms. Peterson going away later in the school year and coming back as Mrs. Someone-else and that was my first realization that women can break your heart.

Tom Emmer and the Governor’s Race Recount
The Minnesota State Supreme Court yesterday (thankfully) denied a request by Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer to delay the statewide ballot recount. Emmer’s lawyers claimed there were more votes cast than signatures recorded and argued that the recount shouldn’t begin until local election officials in all of Minnesota’s 4,136 precincts were polled and the precincts were able to show that each ballot had a matching signature. My understanding (which is oftentimes wrong!) is that if it were found that there were more votes cast than signatures recorded, a random number of votes would be removed until the two numbers matched. The State Supreme Court rejected the petition after a short deliberation and did not give any reasons on the ruling. The reason for the ruling might be because they realize Tom Emmer lost and, like everyone else, simply want to get on with the mandated recount so Mark Dayton can take office by the first of the year.

Lori Sturdevant of the StarTribune writes about why finalizing this recount and having a governor in place by January 15, 2011 is so important to the state’s poorest and sickest residents. You can read her column by clicking here.

Don’t Cancel Thanksgiving Yet
Sunday’s dire warnings of the potential for another “powerful” and possibly “significant” snowstorm tomorrow that might drop “four plus” inches of snow on the Twin Cities and “greatly impact” Thanksgiving plans has been changed. Current forecast calls for a chance of freezing drizzle tomorrow and tomorrow night and the possibility of an inch of snow. For those of you who had cancelled your Thanksgiving, it’s alright to go ahead and reschedule. Stay tuned, I’m sure this will change.

Gobble Gobble Gag
For anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t enjoy eating turkey on Thanksgiving, or anytime, here is a ranking of some vegetarian alternatives to the traditional turkey. If you’ve ever tried one of them I’d love to know your thoughts.

Biggest News of the Day!
The Minnesota Gophers men’s basketball team, fresh off victories over both #8 ranked North Carolina and 2010 Final Four team West Virginia, won the eight-team Honda Puerto Rico Tip Off  Tournament and are now ranked 15 in the Associated Press poll. Once junior guard Devoe Joseph is reinstated from his suspension this exciting Gopher team (5-0) team will only get better.

Last and… Least
The Minnesota Vikings fired coach Brad Childress. Brett Favre is still the quarterback. Seems to be big news everywhere you go. I’m sorry, but if it’s not the Minnesota Twins I couldn’t care less.

Bits and Pieces

When did men stop wearing shoes like the Dave Clark Five is wearing in this video? I say bring back heeled boots for men and the fedora and the world will become a better place.

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  1. November 23, 2010 7:41 am

    I saw an article last Thanksgiving about vegetarian Thanksgiving options (not so much tofurkey, but like a squash casserole or something) that you could serve either as sides or as entrees if there were vegetarians included in your Thanksgiving group, and all these commenters were up in arms about how CNN (or whoever it was that published it) was attacking traditional Thanksgiving.

    (These are probably the same people who think that same-sex marriage is going to threaten heterosexual marriage.)


    • Michael Fishman permalink
      November 24, 2010 7:10 am

      Or the same people who annually rant about their mythical ‘war on Christmas’. I’ve never had a tofurkey but they don’t look bad or unappetizing to me. Have you ever tried one?


      • November 27, 2010 8:20 pm

        No, but I think there are more appetizing ways to eat tofu than trying to make it have the same taste or texture as meat! I eat meat for meat and tofu for tofu, personally.


  2. November 23, 2010 1:55 pm

    Thanks for a couple of memories. Re JFK, we share similar memories ofd Nov. 22 ’63 even though I am Canadian. I was home for lunch when it was announced and I remember from my Mom’s reaction that something profound had just happened. I returned to my grade 4 class after lunch and many of the kids were in tears, I assume also having been frightened by their parents’ reactions to the slaying of an American President and what the consequences of that could mean in a world where the Cold War touched everyone’s hearts with fear. Even we Canadians felt JFK’s passing acutely and for years I read a great deal about the conspiracy theories and controvercy surrounding his asassination. It, like the death of Marilyn Monroe, held similar morbidly facinating places of interest in my view of the world. Just for the record, I didn’t believe the Warren Commission then and I still don’t. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy and I don’t for one minute believe he was THE lone shooter if indead he was even A shooter. I think the persons responsible for JFK’s death were most probably either the mob or (and I don’t rule out the possibility of AND) the CIA or other black ops divisions of the US goverment’s shadowy branches. But that’s another story – one that will never see the light of day in this century (? millenium?).

    Re The Dave Clark Five…thanks for the video. I always liked them. Dave Clark was the drummer and band leader but the lead singer was the very handsome keyboardist, Mike Smith who I’m sad to say is no longer with us, having passed away in early 2008. The circumstances of his demise are tragic IMO given the celebrity and success he had earlier in his life. Take a gander at this link to learn more:

    Oh, and for the record…I always thought those shoes (?boots?) men used to wear back in the sixties were the SEXIEST thing (along with the tight stovepipe pants they also wore) but I associated them more with the Beatles and in fact they were known at the time as Beatle Boots. The combination of the tight pants and those healed boots set my imagination out on a flights of fancy (fantasy, LOL?) whenever I watched the Beatles, DC5, or any other Mercy Beat Brit group and later American Rock groups stomping away as they played. I must admit, 45+ years later I still get a thrill out of seeing that mode of dress 😉


    • Michael Fishman permalink
      November 24, 2010 7:17 am

      I agree with re: Oswald. I think he may have wanted to be involved in something big and probably thought he was involved in something big, but I don’t think he was involved in the assassination at all. Too bad we’ll never know. Unless we’re still alive in 2063!

      Sad article on Mike Smith and the end of his life 😦 It was nice to read that Springsteen dedicated “Born to Run” to him at a concert.


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