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And on the eighth day…

November 8, 2010

NaBloPoMo day eight. I honestly didn’t think I’d still be a part of NaBloPoMo on day eight so this is a little bit of a surprise for me.

See: Commitment. The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.

See: Fear of.

See: Confused women.

See: Someone else to talk about this with. Preferably someone with with Ph.D. after their name.

So, what else is new that doesn’t involve commitment? Can’t talk about movies because there was that movie called The Commitments. Religion is also out because then you have to deal with the whole Ten Commitments thing. Astronomy would work if it wasn’t for Haley’s Commitment.

The weather!

People who live in moderate climates or in areas with no winter probably won’t appreciate this, but after about four months of snow and winter, even the most enthusiastic winter lover starts looking forward to spring. Then one day here in Minnesota, usually in late March or early April, we get a day where the temperature rises up to about 50 degrees, there’s not a cloud to be found anywhere and the sky is such a rich blue that the piles of dirty, gray snow don’t matter. You walk outside without a jacket and it feels indescribably delicious and for just a few seconds you really feel happy to be alive and you’re not just saying that because you think it’s what you’re supposed to say when something good happens or you see something beautiful, but you really feel it. Today is one of those kinds of weather days here.

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  1. November 8, 2010 7:02 pm

    I envy your weather. London today was cold, wet and dreary.


    • Michael Fishman permalink
      November 11, 2010 6:22 am

      Rammi, I envy you your city! Hope your weather cleared up some.


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