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Election Day is Here!

November 2, 2010

It’s Election Day. Today is, honestly, one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t have much of the enthusiasm that I had back in my 20’s when I believed that a single vote – my single vote – could really change anything (although recent recounts – see Minnesota’s Franken/Coleman 2008 Senate race – make me wonder), but I still believe that every single vote is important and I still have an inherent belief that the system works. Despite growing a little more jaded over the years, I’m no less altruistic and my heart doesn’t bleed any less. And while I might not wear them on my shirts anymore, I continue to wear a McGovern button in my soul and I still wonder what Wellstone would do and I firmly believe that voting is one way we can make our beliefs and intentions known.

It’s the same process every year. Wading through the ocean of negative campaigns and bloated campaign rhetoric, sometime during the last week of October, I start getting excited for Election Day. Everything stops mattering. The television ads lose their volume, the debates don’t matter anymore, the lawn signs for the other candidate don’t look so ugly and all that matters is that next Tuesday I get to go and vote. It’s not exciting for me because it means the whole thing will then end, it’s exciting for me because I get to go and have a say in things. I get to go and sign my name and have my ballot handed to me. I get to cast my ballot and watch my number get registered on the top of the grey ballot counter and then, the best part of the whole process, I get my reward. A reward better than any Tootsie Pop:

Regardless of who you’re planning on voting for, I hope you go out and exercise your right to vote. If you’d like some suggestions on who to vote for I’d be happy to offer some help so don’t hesitate to ask.  😉

And don’t forget to thank the election judges and poll workers at your polling place on your way out.

Ironically, today is also one of the worst days of the year as the World Series ended last night. No more baseball now until Spring Training in about 14 weeks. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and their fans.

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  1. November 2, 2010 1:25 pm

    Nicely done, Michael! I wrote something very similar … only mine was the abbreviated version. I take care of my little granddaughter while her parents work, and she arrived before 8:00 am this morning. I felt like I had NO time to post. Hopefully, I’ll do better tomorrow …


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