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LeBron who?

July 9, 2010

There’s been some guy in the news lately. A LeBron someone. Sorry I can’t remember his last name, and I really have no excuses since his name has been mentioned on TV about a million times in the last week. Apparently, this King of Basketball has been trying to make up his mind where he’s going to go and play next season and people are really excited that he’s going to go somewhere and make hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game that they can’t afford to go and watch in person.

… yawn …

Oh, sorry, did I fall asleep?

I really don’t get the whole thing. Scientists announce a breakthrough in research for HIV treatement and a possible vaccine and what’s the top story on the news – LeBron Whatshisname.

LeBron Whosthatguy and his $90 million Nike endorsement. (Not to self: Try and avoid Nike shoes!)

This LeBron Whoevertheguyis story was so important that ESPN ran a primetime special last night for him to announce his decision.


Sorry, I think I fell asleep again.

Over 49 million people, including 16+ million children, in the US live in food insecure households. Where is the prime time special on them? Three soldiers died on July 3rd in Iraq, the youngest was a 19 year old woman. I guess I missed the prime time special on those three heroes. Granted, we’re taking steps in the right direction now, but is there a prime time special on the 47+ million uninsured Americans that I should be watching for? I got off the highway yesterday and saw a guy holding a beaten and torn cardboard sign telling me he was homeless and mentally ill. Anyone planning a prime time special on him?

I suppose part of the reason the whole LeBron James things bugs me is because I’m not a big sports guy. I like baseball and I think pro-wrestling is entertaining, but I don’t get the hero worship we give to athletes or celebrities. If thinking about LeBron James, or watching Lindsay Lohan cry for pity during her sentencing, takes some of the pain away from the more painful realities of life, then I guess it’s all a good thing, but maybe if we dealt with some of those painful realities head-on then we could eliminate them completely and we wouldn’t need the other diversions.

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