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Shorty #4: An Unexpected Visitor

April 11, 2010

Genre Shorties Prompt Week 24

This week’s genre is Your Choice. Your story may be serious or light hearted or as silly as you like just so long as it is 100 words or less and written for the following prompt

This week we will collaborate. I’ll write the title and you write the story. Choose one of the following titles for your story.The Puppet Master
Fourteen Days In The Desert
An Unexpected Visitor
A Welcome Gift
The Magic Lantern
A Deadly Secret


An Unexpected Visitor

I met Jane when she was delivering pizza for Gustino’s. We hit it off, started dating and soon decided to make our relationship exclusive. Sharing secrets one night, Jane talked about her fantasy involving delivering pizza to a man who answered the door wearing only a towel. We made a plan and put it in action and on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 I walked to answer the ringing doorbell. Hoping to surprise her beyond our role playing, I left the towel in the shower. With a smile on my face I opened the door.

“Hi . . . Mom? MOM!”

© 2010 by Michael Fishman

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