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Shorty #3: A Novel Crime

February 22, 2010
The theme: Journalism.
The limit: 100 words or less.
The prompt: Real news is everywhere and it’s often depressing. Create some fake news using one of the topics below or one of your own.
Suggested news topics:
Unusual weather, Amazing scientific breakthrough, Cat stuck in tree, New continent discovered, Library scandal.
* Please feel free to share your “shorty”  in response to the prompt in the comments if you’d like.
(100 words)
Novel Crime
Criminal investigators are currently looking into a reported case of theft from the Minneapolis Public Library after a book was reported missing last Friday. The missing title, “Love Buzz: Soul of the Honeybee”, a collection of poems by local author, I. Ben Stung was last seen by librarian aide Catherine “Cat” A. Logger during her routine daily afternoon shelving.
“I loaded the book on the cart myself” Logger said. “But when I went to put it on the shelf it was gone. Taken.”
This is not the first missing book reported at the new downtown library. Library officials refused comment.

© 2010 by Michael Fishman

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  1. Fordy permalink
    February 22, 2010 11:33 am

    You should try some of these prompts at EC-S!

    Great job!


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